Forever Home is a design-focused concept for aging in place. We combine tasteful design and thoughtful solutions to build homes that can host us comfortably in all stages of our lives. It’s about getting creative with how we age.

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Multigenerational co-housing

Forever Home is about more than architecture. We create environments in which aging is an energetic and social affair. We believe the youth plays an important role in keeping senior citizens active and engaged while conversely, the older you get the more wisdom and experience you can impart on the youth. With our co-housing projects we create vibrant cross-generational atmospheres, while still allowing for the kind of privacy you expect in a home. It’s about being there for one another.

Future-proofing & covert accessibility

Aging calls for adaptations to our built environments, yet it’s important that those remain familiar. For us, the answer lies in future-proofing our homes by incorporating discrete and thoughtful details (think wider doors and weight-supporting accessories) that allow them to keep up with us as we grow older. A solution as simple as wood blocking inside walls goes a long way in enabling the installation of future add-on items such as grab bars and shower seats. We design spaces that can adapt to people’s evolving needs.

Accessory dwelling units

Be it a place to move in your aging parents, or host your grandchildren, a future source of income or a writing studio for that book you’ve been sitting on, ADU’s are an investment in your future. We build carefully-crafted self-contained studios that are worthy gazing out of your window.

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